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Helping Caregivers Help Themselves with Energy Boost

By on Oct 6, 2017 in Blog |

Helping Caregivers Help Themselves with Energy Boost
Caregiving stress is a hidden, but very real, menace that grips millions of Americans who are stuck in a very dangerous trap of forgetting about their own needs in order to take care of a loved one.

A recent research by Transamerica Institute, titled “The Many Faces of Caregivers: A Close-Up Look at Caregiving and Its Impacts,” revealed that more than 5 in 10 non-professional caregivers have reported of health problems because of their responsibilities. Almost 7 in 10 are also in dire financial straits.

Catherine Collinson, CEO, and president of the Transamerica Institute opined that these millions of unpaid caregivers need help themselves. The problem is that their tribe is likely to increase because of the high cost of medical care as well as the aging Baby Boomers.

“It’s time to raise awareness of the challenges faced by caregivers,” she said. “So that they can simultaneously care for their loved ones and protect their own long-term health and financial well-being.”

When the caregiver falls ill, the patient will most likely visit emergency rooms.

Dr. Marilyn Joyce, the author of “INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy & Vitality,” said unpaid caregivers face a very real danger of losing themselves in their heroic attempt to help a family member or relative.

Her revolutionary techniques—based on the “small changes, big difference approach”—promise a five-minute “guilt-free” energy boost for the caregivers so they can continue the grind. She said the technique offers no waste of movement so caregivers get more energy with less effort and minimal time.

However, Joyce quickly added that there’s no magic bullet that will cure everybody’s ailment and condition. “There’s no single answer to everyone’s problems,” she said. “However, an easy and high-quality diet and lifestyle change will give caregivers a fighting chance to take back control of their lives.”