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Personal Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Marilyn

Are you feeling Overworked, Tired Out, Stressed Out, or Under Appreciated? You can’t remember when you last enjoyed fun times with friends, sex and intimacy with your partner, or a family gathering over the holiday season? Maybe you’ve even been diagnosed with some form of malady or illness, and…

  • Need a customized nutrition and lifestyle program tailored to you?
  • Need advice and guidelines to create a safer and healthier living environment (internally and externally) so you can avoid the environmental cancer-causing agents and chemicals?
  • Need informed and well-researched guidance on supplements, what to include, what to avoid, and what never to take together?
  • Need the low down on potentially harmful food and drug, and supplement and drug, interactions, and how to avoid them?
  • Need mega-inspiration to take back control of your own body and your own life?

Here’s what you’ll get (Value $300):

  1. 30 minutes of Dr Marilyn’s undivided attention to your specific needs and questions
  2. An mp3 of your consultation recorded, and delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours of the call.
  3. A 5-point checklist of recommended next steps, resulting from the consultation, that will aid you in beginning your journey back to health, delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours of your consultation.
  4. Application of today’s small financial investment for the diagnostic consultation, to any mentoring services you may choose to continue forward with, should you choose to do so. (Though it may be highly recommended, there is no obligation to take this next step.)*


All of this for only $97.00!

*Exception to the application of today’s investment, is the Kick Cancer In The Can® Total Health Toolkit online home study program. We will only apply today’s investment to the full retail value. It will not be applied to any presently discounted offers.


Why you should be mentored by Dr Marilyn Joyce…


  • 5 time cancer Survivor who’s a 26+ year Thriver, so knows from personal experience what is wanted and needed
  • Past Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, so knows from professional experience what is critically important to address along each step of the patient’s journey
  • Created and facilitated CEU-based programs, e.g. Caregiving for the Caregiver, Transform Stress Into Energy, Laugh at Stress & Love Life!
  • Worked and works globally with thousands of patients suffering with a multitude of degenerative illnesses over the past 40 years, especially cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, both personal and medical professionals
  • Appeared on numerous major television and radio shows internationally, and was a featured doctor for 6 back-to-back episodes on “Doctor to Doctor” with Dr Helen Penzanti on Trinity Broadcast Television (her most popular series ever – rerun several times!
  • Reached hundreds of thousands of people internationally, as a sought after expert and inspirational speaker, in the areas of cancer care, energy and stress management, ethnic diet and lifestyle habits and behaviors, and caregiving for the professional caregiver
  • Author of several best selling books and contributor to at least a dozen more
  • The Master of 5-minute healthy whole person strategies that anyone can do anywhere, anytime


You will gain or regain your unstoppable energy, inner balance and focus, robust health and magnetic vitality in:

5 Minutes, 5 Times a Day, Instant Energy Guaranteed


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