The Vitality Doctor


Kendra Walker Director of Marketing, Girl Scouts Greater Los Angeles

Dear Marilyn: Thank you so much for your highly motivational remarks during the opening breakfast of our inaugural Volunteer Conference held this past February. What an inspiring way for our several-hundred attendees to start their day of workshops and activities! Your heart-warming story about perseverance in the face of tremendous challenges, combined with your reinforcement of Girl Scout leadership skills that helped you cope with life in your young adulthood, truly set the tone for a constructive and inspiring day. Thank you for reinforcing courage, confidence and character in current and prospective Girl Scouts with your amazing personal feats and professional successes!

Roxie Smith Coordinator, Relay for Life of Molalla, OR

Dr. Joyce is personable, respectful and dynamic. She is a marvelous speaker for any size group and will inspire all those who have the honor to listen to her. Over the past 15 year, Dr. Joyce has presented several health and wellness lectures to various groups of cancer survivors at the Relay for Life of Molalla, Oregon. During these talks, she engaged her audiences and motivated them to take control of their lives. I would strongly recommend Dr. Joyce for speaking engagements in any settings requiring her services.

Gordon Hester Business and Financial Management Expert and Trainer

In my travels around the US teaching business and financial management, you run into those rare people who set themselves apart from the crowd. Their story exemplifies courage, resolve, achievement, and a level of contribution that is beyond the comprehension of most people. Dr Joyce is one of those people. She tirelessly works to help people understand how better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can completely change their lives. Her journey from her death bed to a pillar of health is both inspiring and educational. I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing her teach many times and of watching so many of the attendees leave her trainings committed to changing their health and the health of others. I am confident that Dr Joyce can and will inspire and educate others who seek the path to good health, and recommend her highly for any speaking engagements addressing every aspect of becoming and staying healthy and stress-free.

Cynthia Leggitt Community Relations Manager, Barnes and Noble

Dear Dr Joyce, Thank you for your recent appearances in our stores. The reports from the four stores have been universally positive with several reporting that they felt that this was one of the best events of this year! The audiences were very interactive and the comments after the lectures were all very positive. Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious and the Community Relations Coordinators were pleased with your professional but “user friendly” approach to the topic. Again, thank you so much for your time and effort. Please feel free to use any of our stores as a reference for future events! Thank you for sharing your gifts with Barnes and Noble.

Margaret M Grey Director, Health Care Programs Unit, U.S. Department of Justice, FBI

Dear Dr Joyce, I wish to take this time to thank you for the very enjoyable training session you provided for the FBI Occupational Health Care Professionals. Your provocative concepts regarding health and wellness created an atmosphere of learning that stimulated all attendees to revisit their own health standards and illicit positive changes that we will all benefit from. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious and energizing. It is a pleasure to know you and we will definitely keep you in mind for future presentations. When in Washington again be sure to drop by and say hello.

Linda Wilkins-Pierce Health Educator/Healthy Moves Coordinator, Auraria Campus, University of Colorado, Denver CO

Dear Marilyn, Thank you for your wonderful presentation, “5 Minutes to Health”, at Auraria Campus. Your presentation inspired our diverse population and your message was well received by everyone. Who would have thought that good health could be that simple! Many of our students are single parents, working and attending classes. I know they often feel they just don’t have the time to eat healthy and can’t afford “health” food. Your message convinced them that the reality is this: without their health they will never be able to achieve their goals in life. Your dynamic uplifting presentation was truly a breath of fresh air. I’m sure we’ll all be using your books and CD’s to continue educating our students on how they can become and stay healthy. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Elaine Porzucki, MS Ed Education Specialist - CME, Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Inglewood CA

Dear Dr Joyce: I want to commend you on your excellent presentation at our community cancer program entitled, “Cancer In Our Community: Traditional and Complementary Medicine.” It was extremely well received by all of the participants, and the highlight of the day. You are extremely knowledgeable about the role of nutrition and lifestyle in cancer prevention and care. The lecture was very appropriate for the audience. Your sense of humor, enthusiasm, and interest, not only in your subject, but in your audience, was very evident. Please feel free to use my name as a reference. You are a welcome expert in the field of nutrition and wellness, and I hope that we can work together again on a conference.

Pamela Hoff, LCSW Radiation Oncology, UCLA Medical Center

Dear Dr Joyce: Thank you for participating in the workshop “Nutrition and Cancer: A Course for Cancer Patients and Their Families.” The program was very successful and the response to your presentation was extremely positive. Guidance and concrete, step-by-step instructions, seems to be what patients want the most. Your component to the workshop was invaluable in encouraging everyone to change old eating and lifestyle habits, and pick up new healthier practices. Hopefully we will be able to present this program again. Without question, your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Lari Robling Community Relations Manager, Barnes and Noble

Dear Dr Joyce, You are such a joy to work with. Your enthusiasm and energy is catching I know why your clients gain health and vitality – it’s like a virus you lovingly spread. Thanks for a great event.

Margaret Stauffer, MFCC Executive Director/Program Director, The Wellness Community, San Diego CA

Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for your workshop on June 22. It was very well received by the participants. I know that you’re very busy, but you’ve been the best received speaker on nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices we’ve ever had. Is there any way we might be able to get you to speak for us every month or quarterly? We just haven’t been able to find anyone else who presents this important information as well as you do! Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm, optimism and expertise so lovingly to educate and help people with cancer and their families.

Marya Foley, MFCC Program Director, The Wellness Community, South Bay Cities CA

Dear Marilyn, On behalf of the cancer patients and family members whom we serve at The Wellness Community-South Bay Cities, we wish to wholeheartedly thank you for the ongoing monthly lecture series which you give compassionately and enthusiastically to our community. Nutrition and lifestyle guidance are two of the most important components of our program, and you do a wonderful job of educating cancer patients on how to eat before, during and after treatment, and also how to develop and sustain more healthy eating habits and lifestyle. All of this you do with humor, great enthusiasm and grace. Participants in our weekly groups often share how much value they receive from your presentations. They comment on the great store of knowledge that you bring. The also find it inspirational that you are a cancer survivor, who is a thriver, and doing so well following your own recommendations! Again, we feel very fortunate to be a recipient of your invaluable services.

Amy Yarger Community Relations Coordinator, Barnes & Noble, PA

Dear Dr Joyce, It was such a pleasure having you speak in our store. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation. You are one of the most effective and articulate speakers I have had the opportunity to work with. The audience members, who by the way were in record numbers, appeared to be giving you their undivided and honest attention throughout your entire presentation. And they were very comfortable in approaching you with questions, which you answered with such impressive knowledge and ease on the topics of health, nutrition and coping effectively with stress. Your books are such a refreshing change to other nutrition and health books that I have been exposed to. Your idea of getting back to the basics makes so much sense, and the results of practicing what your books explain so clearly are evident when one makes your acquaintance and learns of your personal struggles in the past with your own health. You are truly an inspiration, and your energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Thank you again for joining us at Barnes and Noble in Whitehall, Pennsylvania and for facilitating such an exceptional event. We would gladly have you back in our store anytime. Please do stay in touch.

Kristen Bomas, MS, LMHC President/Owner, The Center for Progressive Healing, Florida

Dear Dr Marilyn, I wanted to write this note to personally thank you on behalf of my team of health care workers, dietitians and chiropractors at The Center for Progressive Healing. We have all benefited immensely from your unique and powerful presentations and trainings. You were able to demonstrate more effectively than any other speaker we have been trained by, the ease and simplicity of beginning, implementing and sustaining a healthy nutrition and lifestyle program on a consistent daily basis. Although we have had numerous other trainings and educational course work on plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle strategies, it was not until your lectures that we were able to fully comprehend and embrace these principles and practices so that we could in turn help our clients and patients metamorphosize their eating and lifestyle practices. In fact, your trainings have become the crux of the success of our weight loss program. There is simply no one like you to show us how to slowly and successfully heal ourselves, and/or prevent illness, and reduce and effectively manage stress, through healthy eating and simple, practical lifestyle habits. You have been a great influence on my own life, my team’s lives, and the lives of all of our patients, both knowingly and unknowingly. Thank you so much.