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Okay, So Here’s the “Boring” Part: “Why You Might Want to Listen to Dr. Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™”



HI there…I’m Dr Marilyn Joyce, PhD, RD (Registered Dietitian), and today have a doctorate in  Psychology and in Nutrition. Yep, just never knew when to quit!

From Homeless Kid to World Traveler!

But before all of that I started my “adult” life as a run-away, homeless, 14-year old kid on the streets of Toronto Canada. You meet a lot of interesting people on the street! And one of these people planted a seed that inspired a vision, a dream, of seeing the world. So a few years later I found myself hitchhiking around the world with a deep desire to “find myself”. It took a long time to realize that wherever I went, there I was! Oh well…

The awesome part of this extensive search was that it led to me living with at least 17 different “healthy” cultures for varying periods of time. Finally the traveling was halted for about 18 months in order to study yoga…in depth.

After becoming a certified Yoga practitioner (in India, way back in 1971, that infamous Beatles and hippie era!), I returned to North America and eventually decided to tackle Biochemistry and Human Nutrition. To my shock and amazement, I loved biochemistry!  Made total sense to me…But I still held onto the holistic eastern philosophy and teachings from the east, which also made total sense – and were life changing at the same time. 

East Meets West – and the Marriage was Inevitable!

This combination of eastern and western training led to a lifelong career in facilitating whole person (Mind-Body-Spirit) wellness, with my approach to nutrition and lifestyle practices being founded in both, a scientific, and a holistic, perspective. And as the Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the mid-nineties, I helped cancer patients, from around the world (and remember I have a very global and multi-ethnic perspective after my hitchhiking and traveling years), make major positive shifts in their health through changes in their eating…and lifestyle habits.

Internationally Renowned Author, Educator, Speaker and Trainer

My passion and life purpose embody meeting and interviewing people from all walks of life and all ethnicities, and then writing, speaking and sharing, about everything I learned from all of these amazing people, so that everyone on planet earth (and perhaps beyond) can benefit. Now blessed with more than forty-eight years of experience at the forefront of nutrition, health and education, my  thriving private practice, books and speaking engagements span the globe.

“5 Minutes to Health” was Born!

My globally acclaimed best selling book, 5 Minutes to Health, comprehensively addressed what we eat, why we eat, how we eat, where we buy it, how we store it, how we prepare it, and how we think and feel about what we eat. The book was a step-by-step guide, setting out how to buy, store and prepare food, and was full of easy-to-follow healthy and delicious recipes. But problem was, it didn’t address the whole person – just the physical self. And due to a deep inner longing to provide the most valuable resource possible for my patients, clients and audiences…

“5 Minutes to Health” Grew Up and Morphed Into The Butterfly It was Originally Born to Be!

So the great news is that in this one source, INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy & Vitality, all of the stops have been pulled out! In this the one-stop guide to whole person wellness, all of the strategies, processes and systems I use with my patients and clients have been uncovered and revealed – strategies that many people globally have willingly paid handsome fees to learn about.

However, all of this information is presented as clearly and compassionately as possible, in a unique and memorable formula (E.N.E.R.G.Y.™), for all aspects of healthy living. And you’ll love the fact that all of the teachings are simple, quick, easy and FUN! And it all makes complete sense.

The Vitality Doctor™ & Master of 5-Minute Healthy Strategies

Known for many, many years as both The Vitality Doctor™, and the Master of 5-minute healthy strategies and systems, I made it my mission to develop INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™ strategies and recommendations that can be done in 5 minutes or less by anyone, anywhere, anytime. This all stemmed from the requests and demands from my tremendously energy and time-taxed patients and their overwhelmed loved ones and caregivers.

But my enthusiasm for nutrition and healthy living in 5-minute chunks of time doesn’t just come from  my training or inclination, and patient demands; it also comes from surviving cancer myself. Five times!

My Cancer Journey…

You see, in 1985, when I was at the peak of my career and feeling like I had achieved much success in my life, I was diagnosed with melanoma. I had no idea how serious an illness that was. But as if that wasn’t enough, a week after I got out of the hospital for melanoma I was rushed right back into hospital, this time with uterine cancer, stage four.

Only 35 Years Old!

I was only thirty-five years old, so talk about a shock! Because in all of my experience I had been told that this was an older woman’s illness. Of course I plunged into all the reactions everybody else has: denial, fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, sadness, disappointment, loneliness, a sense of betrayal (by my body, by God, you name it) and felt like a complete victim. Then I tried everything I could find in search of a ‘magic bullet’ cure.

End of the Road…

Finally, in 1989, it looked like the end of the road. I was in a wheelchair, weighed eighty-eight pounds, and was given just weeks to live. But the “survivor” in me was simply not giving up…and somehow, at that point the miracles began.

The Major Turning Point!

I had come to the point where I could only suck on ice chips… no solid food for months. The a young man with a Vita Mix machine introduced me to Cantaloupe ice (seeds and all!). I was eventually able to start eating again; first fruits, then vegetables, then tofu, and finally some whole grains. I continued a diet of whole foods in whole food forms, i.e. back-to-basics nutrition. A year later I had recovered, and the challenge I had set for myself was to run an uninterrupted mile. And I did – in thirty minutes… not the fastest mile ever, but I knew I had achieved a major degree of health again, that I had not experienced in several years!

Why Are We So Sick and Tired Today?

What I’ve found, over the years, is that most people live on expensive foods – they buy all kinds of processed, packaged foods, as well as consuming questionable restaurant meals. And, believe me, these foods are expensive in every sense of the word. Not just for your pocket book, but also challenging (expensive) for your body’s digestive system. Absorption and assimilation are compromised, due to the questionable nature of the “foods” consumed, making it difficult for your body to extract the necessary nutrition and life force elements it needs to function optimally.

Add to that, the sedentary lifestyle most of us experience today, and the long-term potentially detrimental effects of such a lifestyle. And these results then become extremely challenging to our wallets in healthcare costs, alone! For most of us, these negative diet and lifestyle factors are a way of life, so it truly amazes me when people wonder why they are tired, and why they get sick.

How Can We Take Back Our Health & Feel Great Again?

The answer is simple! We, as a population, need to rediscover back-to-basics eating – whole food nutrition – eating food that looks the way it does as it grows out of the ground or on the tree. If it is fish or meat it needs to be wild and free range respectively, with no antibiotics or hormones. And then add to that, whole body-mind-soul living – consistent exercise, relaxation, spiritual time, family and community involvement, healthy optimistic self-talk and an attitude of internal gratitude for all of the good things in life!

If you’re ready to get started on your own journey back to amazing health and vitality today, take a look at the options we have available for you now. Just click on this link before you forget, or get caught up again in other distracting “life” stuff. 

What Stops Most of Us From Taking Charge of Our Health?

When I started putting INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™ together for my patients and clients, and the public in general, I realized that the difference between what most people do, and what my clients and I do, is that most people actually do eat a lot of packaged, processed foods.

We are duped by the manufacturers into believing that these foods, labeled as organic, and touted as healthy, wholesome, organic, and delicious foods, are good for us, when in fact, they are simply slightly healthier versions of all of the other packaged, processed foods out there! We forget in that moment of craving something to ease the stress and fatigue of the day, that these foods are still packaged, processed foods – not real nourishing whole food!

How Can We Stop This Downward Spiral in an Instant?

Well, the next time you drag yourself home from a harrowing day at the office, or wherever you work, and you’re tempted to grab a bag of something “healthy” to munch your stress away on, along with a tall cool bottled or packaged “functional” beverage, stop and ask yourself, “Will this build my body up or tear it down?

And then before you grab that infernal clicker (You know what I am talking about? The couch potato’s God!) for hours into every evening, never moving another bone of your tired worn-out body until you slide into bed, stop and ask yourself the same question. Will this build my body up….or tear it down? Ironically, even just 5 minutes of the right exercise – you have to read the Chapter on Fit in Fitness, to get the answer to what that exercise is! – would have shifted your body from stressed, fatigued and worn-out to energized and full of life!

Excuses for Not Doing What’s Healthy Be Gone!

People talk about how expensive it is to eat really healthy food, and to live a healthy lifestyle. Fact is the opposite is true!

So, let me demonstrate with the #1 objection – “healthy food is expensive!” One day I met a nutritionist-friend of mine as we were both waiting in line to check out at the grocery store. She had two bags of groceries compared to my eight bags. My groceries cost less, and were all organically grown fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.

She had the “healthier versions” of packaged, processed foods such as chips and cookies – admittedly for her overnight guests, not the norm for her family. We talked, and over time she realized what I had discovered – whole food nutrition costs less and will keep you well. Processed foods cost more to begin with, and in the long run, will get and keep you sick and tired – which in turn, costs more – in health care costs!

The Right Fuel is Essential…

You can’t think straight if you are not getting the right kind of food into your body. And the right kind of movement with, and care of, your body! You won’t be able to exercise if you’re not getting the right foods (fuel) to burn. It is critical to eat vibrant foods that are nutrient-dense, loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients and bioflavonoids. They fuel every metabolic function in your body, and are essential in the prevention and healing of many, if not all, degenerative illnesses, including cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, arthritis, heart disease and many more.

The Challenge of Finding Balance: Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual

And of course, we can’t forget the care and feeding of our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We are multi-dimensional beings that require a multi-dimensional approach to our personal care. If any one aspect of our whole being is out of balance, we are setting ourselves up for illness. And let’s face it, the very nature of being human, seems to be fraught with the challenge of staying balanced. So, we all need every tool, strategy, idea, tip, process and system that we can get hold of to consistently create, re-create, and maintain balance.

Looking for the Magic Bullet?

It is important to emphasize here that, when it comes to illness, or wellness, there are no ‘magic bullets’. There is no one thing that will be the answer for everyone. But a simple, high quality diet, and overall healthy lifestyle regime, will at least give you a fighting chance. Add to that a more individualized program designed especially for you, and you will have the power in your hands again to create renewal in your health…and renewal in your life.

Final Notes…

Dr Marilyn Joyce is the author of several unique, inspiring, and comprehensive books, including her best selling books, 5 Minutes to Health, I Can’t Believe it’s Tofu!, The Original Hollywood Celebrity Diet, INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy & Vitality! and The Stress To Success Formula: Transform Your Life, Career and Business Now! She has also been a regular contributor to magazines such as, Healthy and Natural Magazine, Holistic Health, New Perspectives magazine, and many others.

Dr Joyce held the position of the official Registered Dietitian for the Original Hollywood Celebrity Diet, as well as for the SoyPal Cookie Diet, for which she also developed and supervised the introduction of the reformulated version of the SoyPal Cookie Diet Weight Loss and Maintenance program into the US, based on Japan’s #1 diet product.

Dr Marilyn conducts keynote presentations, seminars and trainings for many corporations, associations and organizations. Some of her clients include:

  • Xerox
  • FBI
  • Boeing
  • Ortho Bio Tech
  • NSA/Juice Plus
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • Sloan Kettering Medical Centers
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • American Cancer Society
  • Wellness Communities Globally
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Over the past few years, Dr Marilyn is has appeared as a guest on many radio and television programs, including the nationally syndicated shows below:

  • Leeza
  • Jenny Jones
  • Montel Williams
  • Maury Povich
  • NPR
  • PBS Essentials
  • Doctor to Doctor (TBN)