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Caregivers Burnout and the Importance of Me Time

By on Nov 24, 2016 in Blog, Latest News |

Caregivers Burnout and the Importance of Me Time

Caregiving work can be very demanding and overwhelming. Sometimes it demands your attention throughout the day and at times during the night. This can often lead to a burnout. It is expected that caregivers will feel pressured in the course of carrying out their responsibilities. You need to watch out for caregivers stress and burnout.

Symptoms of a burnout:

  • Constantly feeling irritable or anxious
  • Frequent cases of insomnia
  • Binge eating or drinking
  • Clouded mind and inability to concentrate
  • Feeling resentful and projecting it on others
  • Your job gives you little satisfaction

Importance of Me Time

From these symptoms it is clear why the job can take a toll on your relationships and even on your career as a caregiver. Setting aside time for yourself can seem like a selfish thing to do. However, me time ensures that you take care of your overall well being, which in turn helps to ensure that you’re healthy enough to carry out your responsibilities as a caregiver.

Me time can be defined as the time you spend doing things you enjoy on your own rather than doing things for others. It goes a long way to minimize the risk of a burnout. It helps to improve your physical and mental well being so that you can live a fulfilling life despite the challenges.

Things to do

The things you do can only be determined by you since they are supposed to be the things you enjoy. They may include:

  • Jogging, walking or hiking
  • Watching your favorite show
  • Taking a bubble bath with a good book
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Meditating or simply being alone in a quiet place

Taking care of yourself is not as selfish as the phrase may imply. You need to be physically and mentally healthy to do your work diligently. Never feel guilty about setting aside time for yourself.