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A Different Kind of Doctor

By on Oct 20, 2016 in Blog |

Ever since we were kids, we learned to associate the word ‘doctor’ with an unpleasant experience. Whether it happened because you had to get regular shots or because you had some kind of ailment that meant your visit to the doctor would be painful or at the very least, uncomfortable, people tend to shy away from doctors.

However, in today’s world’s, doctors aren’t just the professionals who are ready to take care of you when something is wrong. Doctors have expanded into preventive care and also into alternative medicine options that can offer great results to different kind of situations.

Dr. Marilyn Joyce is a doctor who has dedicated her life to help caregivers take control of their lives once more. As a caregiver, it is easy to go overboard and give out much more than you can handle in order to help others. After all, those who go into this sector are people who care about others and want to offer a high quality service. Now, Dr. Joyce is offering to help them, something that might not have crossed your mind at first (Do doctors and health workers even get sick? Of course they do!).

Dr. Joyce, having worked in the industry, knows what a toll the job can have on you. She knows that you probably feel stressed out, overworked and absolutely tired very often, and she came up with a solution for this. Her 5 minute recovery programs are short strategies that you can use to feel energized and revitalized once more. Anyone can take 5 minutes off, so it’s easy to benefit from them, no matter how stressing your shift is.

This will not only help you feel better, it will also boost your self esteem and help you be more productive at work, reducing the stress and negative effects that come with it.