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Fight Stress the Dr. Marilyn Joyce Way

By on Feb 11, 2017 in Blog |

Stress is part of life. In today’s tough environment, one cannot escape from stress. Every person has to go through this period at some point or the other in his or her life. Stress can test the strongest of persons to the maximum. Fighting stress is not so easy. However, the fact is that one cannot give up on the fight at any stage. One of the best methods to fight stress is the one advocated by Dr. Marilyn Joyce.

Who is Dr. Marilyn Joyce? What are her credentials? Such questions can come to mind naturally. In simple terms, she is a vitality doctor. Dr. Marilyn Joyce can speak from personal experience. Having fought and overcome the dreaded cancer more than two and a half decades ago, she has the credentials to speak with authority on the subject. Through her book, “INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.” she shares her experiences and provides valuable tips to overcome stress.

She does not advocate long drawn out strategies. Her methods are very simple to understand and follow. Anyone can do so at any time during the course of the day. She is a specialist at formulating these 5-minute Caregiver Energy Strategies.

Following her strategies diligently can give you instant relief. The best part of the strategies is that you can try them out easily anywhere. It does not require any kind of rocket science to understand the same. These simple strategies end up making you feel better within the first five minutes of attempting them.

She advocates that stress is inevitable. Fretting over the same can make you plunge deeper into it. Her strategies revolve around converting the stress into vital energy capable of rejuvenating you. This will enable you to take care of yourself. You stop feeling tired and feel the flow of energy coming back into your system.

Is there any harm in trying them out? Of course, the answer should be in the negative.