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Get Back to a Healthy Lifestyle with Dr. Marilyn Joyce

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Known as The Vitality Doctor, Dr. Marilyn Joyce Mesquite has provided quality information to help health professionals to live a less stressful and more energized lifestyle. Health care professionals are the most overworked and unappreciated individuals in the work force today, who deserve quality care and rest. With the programs provided by Dr. Marilyn Joyce Mesquite, you can learn how to get in shape and have limitless amounts of energy for the day.

Personalized Diagnostic Consultation

As a health care professional who needs to feel better, Dr. Joyce can help. There are three programs offered to assist with renewed energy and a stress free lifestyle. The first program is titled Basic Personal and offers a detox of stress cancer energy, as well as the vitality program. Take advantage of 30-days of mentoring in four sessions with an initial 60-minutes of consultation. An analysis and evaluation of your diet and lifestyle is included with recommendations for what changes you should make.

Upgrade to the Gold Executive or the Platinum VIP to have access to the same benefits as the Basic Personal program but even more incentives and features. Customize a program for what you wish to receive by contacting Dr. Marilyn Joyce Mesquite for more information.

Printed Materials and Books

Dr. Marilyn Joyce is not only a mentor and public speaker but also an accomplished author. When you are feeling tired out or under-appreciated as a health care provider, you can use the reading materials created by Dr. Joyce to get a quick pick me up. The INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y. book published by Dr. Marilyn Joyce Mesquite provides the five key components to unlimited energy and vitality. Use the information to feel better and have more energy in your daily life. The book includes charts to follow as well as unique healthy recipes to begin a better lifestyle.