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How Caregivers Are Likely To Experience Problems during their Care Giving Career

By on Dec 22, 2015 in Blog, Latest News |

Caregivers are people who sacrifice their time and lives to take care of patients. They perform tasks ranging from cleaning, cooking, offering companionship, and helping patients with toileting, eating, shopping, bathing and dressing, or medications. While these people do an important job in the community, they however are confronted with challenges that may make their life seem like hell. A caregiver mentor in Mesquite, NV may help you when you feel that your career seems to be taking your life upside down. Here are the challenges caregivers face.


Stress and reduced time to accomplish personal obligations

Different patients have different needs and the more challenging the needs of a patient, the more demanding and complex or stressful it is for the caregiver. Patients with brain related issues like brain injury, mental illness, dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease and physical disability are more stressing to care for. Caregivers have to spend a lot of time with these patients. They too are stressed and have decreased time to meet their personal or family needs.


Doubts from healthcare providers

Often, caregivers find themselves in difficult situations where they are discredited and looked down upon by healthcare providers. Health practitioners may think that caregivers are not qualified. Healthcare providers should honor and appreciate the services offered by caregivers to patients.


Caregivers may suffer chronic illnesses like their patients

Research shows that stress caused by offering caregiver services especially to people with dementia may have an impact on the immune system of the caregiver for about three years following the period of care giving. This may increase the chances of the caregiver suffering from chronic illnesses themselves.


In order for caregivers to deal with these problems, they need mentoring by professionals who understand the challenging atmosphere these works are subjected to. Dr Marilyn Joyce can help you gain vitality, energy, and morale to keep you moving forward, serving patients, while also improving your personal and family life.