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Learn to do things differently

By on Jun 7, 2017 in Blog |

Learn to do things differently

What is stress? In simple words, one can say that stress is a mind full of negative thoughts. Of course, physical stress is something different. You take a nap, a refreshing drink or two and get rid of the physical stress. However, mental stress can run deep into the mind and cause untold problems.

How do you combat mental stress? The best way to do so is to refuse to acknowledge its presence. Is it possible? One must admit that it is, with a little bit of practice. Dr. Marilyn Joyce can help you in this matter. Go through her book, “Instant E.N.E.R.G.Y.” You will get innumerable tips to combat this menace known as mental stress.

She talks of easy strategies one can adopt within a minute of reading the same. The best part of it is that you can do it at any time and at any place as well. These 5-minute power strategies can work everywhere. More importantly, they can boost your mental energy levels instantly.

What does this signify? This signifies that removing the negativity from the mind is enough for the stress to vanish. The trick to removing stress is not in trying to do different things but in doing things differently.

We shall see an example. If you keep a glass half-filled with water, an optimist might say that the glass is half full whereas the pessimist might take a view that it is half empty. However, both of them highlight the negativity. In fact, the positive view is that the glass is always full, part of it with water and part of it is air. In this way, you learn to look at the positive side of everything in life. Dr. Marilyn Joyce speaks about such simple things in life. She calls it the “Small Changes Make a Big Difference Approach.” Following this approach can help you banish the stress from your mind.