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Paying plaudits to the unsung heroes

By on Jun 20, 2015 in Blog, Latest News |

Paying plaudits to the unsung heroes…the medical professional caregivers and their spirit of uncompromising service to others

For centuries now, medically trained caregivers have been giving it their all when it comes to taking care of the people under their care. According to studies, one in every two caregivers admits to physical exhaustion every single day, stemming from all the roles that they are assigned to. This should however not come as a surprise as the quintessential medical professional caregiver is tasked with so much work in a given day.
Caregivers have to stay with those under their care for whole days. And they often have several patients assigned to their care each and everyday! They handle the feeding, the medication(s), getting the patient mobile as much as possible, comforting and encouraging the patient and their family, and the list of responsibilities goes on. If the patient is unable to perform responsibilities as mundane as handling medication or taking food, the caregiver ensures that this gets done. Without a doubt, these minders have a full plate of responsibilities every day. In many cases, the patients under their care are either invalids or have impairments that make mobility a problem. In cases like this, the caregiver will step up to the plate and get these patients out of bed for walks, even if it’s just a short walk up the hospital corridor and back to bed.
When you look at what caregivers do, you find that one thing shines through: they are born with the resilience of a mother, regardless of their own specific gender. They never complain about their responsibilities or give those under their supervision a hard time. They just go about their work, and in very few situations are the efforts of these unsung heroes rewarded…or even acknowledged.
Just like the rest of us, these special medical caregivers also have a duty towards their home and family. After a long day of hard work (often 12 hour days), they will head home tired, in fact, often fatigued beyond words, but rest is a foreign concept to them. At home, they have to take care of their own or relative’s children. Some of them also have aged parents who need their ongoing support day after day.
The world of the professional caregiver is demanding and unrelenting. These professionals make the ultimate sacrifices, staying up late into the night caring for kids and/or aging parents, and then waking far too early the next morning to go to work. Whichever way you look at it, caregivers have always been the unsung heroes of the past, present, and will likely win that accolade repeatedly in the future.