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What Causes Stress in Caregivers and How to Deal With It

By on Dec 25, 2015 in Blog, Latest News |

Caregivers take care of other people who cannot care for themselves or those who need help with everyday tasks. The job of caregiving is fraught with stress. It requires an understanding of what it takes to offer the services and an incredible amount of patience. A caregiver job is like a calling to help the needy. Not many people may be able to handle this kind of work. A caregiving mentor in Mesquite, NV can help you attain control and balance in an otherwise stressful life. Here are some of the things that cause stress to caregivers. 


No off time

Caregivers will suffer from stress because they tend to have no off time. These workers have little time for themselves. They take few breaks and their day is occupied with all sorts of work. Everyone needs to rest and relax but for caregivers, this is their worst problem. Even their sleep time is interrupted when they have to wake up to tend and help the elderly or disabled persons.


Unable to balance relationships

Caregivers show their love to people they take care of including the patients. They also need to show love to their kids and family. However, this may become a problem especially when they do not have sufficient time to be with the family. The family may feel that it is being overlooked and not given the attention it needs. Conflicts can arise in marriage because the caregivers aren’t having time to nurture their relationships.


The role reversal

A caregiver serving elderly people becomes the parent of the parents. This is a scenario where those who are supposed to care for their child are taken care of by the child. In such a case, it may be difficult for the caregiver to relate this kind of role. Caregivers may not know where the line between safety and well-being may be for an aging parent. Sometimes, the person being cared for may not accept to be helped out in things like bathing or toileting.


A caregiver who feels as though she or he is getting out of balance in their life, needs to consult with Dr. Marilyn Joyce. The caregiver will be able to learn strategies and ways to help them overcome stress and take the right approach in their career.