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It may be an old saying, but it’s true! Straight and simple, the things we eat regularly have a profound effect on our long term health. No one knows this better than Dr. Marilyn Joyce! After a lifetime of helping people from all walks of life develop healthy lifestyles, Dr, Marilyn Joyce has developed a remarkable sub-specialty . . . she now helps the caregivers that help you!


Think about it! It’s really a great way to spread the word about things we’ve all long needed to know. There are bad things on the rise in our sophisticated and technologically advanced world. The cancer rate is dramatically spiraling upwards. So is the incidence of autism. While we’ve made great strides in conquering many diseases, there are other afflictions on the rise and technology seems to be at the root of the problem.


Modern methods of growing food to feed the masses may be a culprit in this mix. In an effort to enhance food production, certain fertilizers have been used which concentrate specific minerals. Unfortunately, they might not have the 27 or so minerals you require for good health. The foods may have also had their genetic profile modified to include a strand of coding to produce an endogenous pesticide as the DNA expresses itself.  Wow! The molecule they modeled came from the herbicide Roundup which is now immersed in a class action law suit for having caused lymphoma!


Knowing the right food to eat and the wrong foods to avoid can literally save your life and the life of those for whom you provide care! Signing up with Dr. Marilyn Joyce is the single most important thing you can do when you want to be well informed about not just diet, but all the issues that face health care providers. You’ve probably noticed by now that giving of yourself to all these other people has a way of draining your own energy. That’s natural and to be expected, but there is a great way to deal with it. In this area, Marilyn Joyce is the world leader in providing you with great, functional solutions. Empowering you and what you do is the goal with Dr. Marilyn Joyce. You owe it to yourself to discover all the great things she has to offer you!