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You Matter

By on May 12, 2017 in Blog |

You Matter
There are people and then there are empathic people. The thing about empathic people is that they often forget to think about themselves, or give themselves a break every now and then. It is very common for empathic people to go into careers that involve service or care giving because they understand what others need and want, sometimes without even having to hear them say it. This makes them great at their jobs but it also puts them in a risky situations, especially with health care positions.

The problem about empathic people working in health care is that they get so involved in trying to make sure their patients are doing the best they can that they often forget to think about themselves. They will be willing to take extra shifts, give up sleep hours or even meals just out of concern for their patients; and even though this is an amazing thing to contribute to others, it can also be harmful for them and, after all, if they get sick or aren’t well, they won’t be able to keep taking care of others.

Considering all of this, Dr. Marilyn Joyce has created a program to help these people relax and stop feeling overworked, stressed out or simply tired because of the jobs they do. By taking just 5 minutes of their time to do the exercises Dr. Marilyn Joyce created, their work lives can be importantly improved, helping them stay on top of their game at all times. By taking charge of themselves, Dr. Joyce teaches them how to boost their energy almost instantly. The best part is that her exercises can be performed anywhere. So whether you are at a hospital, clinic or even at a patient’s home, if you are a caregiver who has failed to take time to yourself, this is a great solution to those problems.