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Your Fatigue & Health Questions w/ Dr Marilyn Joyce

By on Sep 3, 2015 in Blog |

6 Causes of Fatigue, 3 Simple 5-Minute Exercises, 7 Steps to End Chronic Hives, Probiotics to Fight Fatigue and Re-balance your Immune Function, Nip the Stress of a Cancer Diagnosis in the Bud, & What’s Inflammation Got to Do with All of This Anyway…


Did you miss our free Q & A Webinar yesterday on September 2nd? No problem! 

Again, over 200 people registered for this week’s webinar. The third one, and it’s another winner! Thank you for making this webinar such a successful experience for everyone.

Another great week of questions…from another amazing group of webinar attendees! Everything from just what the heck causes fatigue in the first place, to auto-immune disorders involving chronic hives, to probiotics for increasing healthy flora in the colon after antibiotic use, to nipping stress in the bud after receiving a cancer diagnosis, to how to fit exercise into an already insanely busy day, and so much more!

We crammed a lot of quick and easy healthy tips and strategies into less than an hour! Whew!


So rather than go into all of the questions that were asked, just tune in and get the lowdown now:


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Here’s to a Healthy, Happy, Energized and Vibrant Week Ahead!

Much Love & Many Hugs

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