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Learn to do things differently

By on Jun 7, 2017 in Blog |

Learn to do things differently What is stress? In simple words, one can say that stress is a mind full of negative thoughts. Of course, physical stress is something different. You take a nap, a refreshing drink or two and get rid of the physical stress. However, mental stress can run deep into the mind and cause untold problems. How do you combat mental stress? The best way to do so is to refuse to acknowledge its presence. Is it possible? One must admit that it is, with a little bit of practice. Dr. Marilyn Joyce can help you in this matter. Go through her book, “Instant E.N.E.R.G.Y.” You will get innumerable tips to combat this menace known as mental stress. She talks of easy strategies one can adopt within a minute of reading the same. The best part of it is that you can do it at any time and at any place as well. These 5-minute power strategies can work everywhere. More importantly, they can boost your mental energy levels instantly. What does this signify? This signifies that removing the negativity from the mind is enough for the stress to vanish. The trick to removing stress is not in trying to do different things but in doing things differently. We shall see an example. If you keep a glass half-filled with water, an optimist might say that the glass is half full whereas the pessimist might take a view that it is half empty. However, both of them highlight the negativity. In fact, the positive view is that the glass is always full, part of it with water and part of it is air. In this way, you learn to look at the positive side of everything in life. Dr. Marilyn Joyce speaks about such simple things in life. She calls it the “Small Changes Make a Big Difference Approach.” Following this approach can help you banish the stress from your...

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You Matter

By on May 12, 2017 in Blog |

You Matter There are people and then there are empathic people. The thing about empathic people is that they often forget to think about themselves, or give themselves a break every now and then. It is very common for empathic people to go into careers that involve service or care giving because they understand what others need and want, sometimes without even having to hear them say it. This makes them great at their jobs but it also puts them in a risky situations, especially with health care positions. The problem about empathic people working in health care is that they get so involved in trying to make sure their patients are doing the best they can that they often forget to think about themselves. They will be willing to take extra shifts, give up sleep hours or even meals just out of concern for their patients; and even though this is an amazing thing to contribute to others, it can also be harmful for them and, after all, if they get sick or aren’t well, they won’t be able to keep taking care of others. Considering all of this, Dr. Marilyn Joyce has created a program to help these people relax and stop feeling overworked, stressed out or simply tired because of the jobs they do. By taking just 5 minutes of their time to do the exercises Dr. Marilyn Joyce created, their work lives can be importantly improved, helping them stay on top of their game at all times. By taking charge of themselves, Dr. Joyce teaches them how to boost their energy almost instantly. The best part is that her exercises can be performed anywhere. So whether you are at a hospital, clinic or even at a patient’s home, if you are a caregiver who has failed to take time to yourself, this is a great solution to those...

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Can Help You Overcome The Cancer Blues

By on Apr 24, 2017 in Blog |

Cancer can drain you mentally as well as physically. You cannot avoid the medicines. You have to take them. The rehabilitation programs can take care of the physical aspect of cancer. However, the mental aspect requires immediate attention at the same time. Otherwise, you might end up having the body but not the will to live. Dr. Marilyn Joyce can help you in this regard with her fantastic and practical approach to cure cancer in the mind. For the benefit of people who do not know her, Dr. Marilyn Joyce is a five-time cancer survivor. She has used these same principles to come out the dreaded situations not once but five times in her life. This makes her as one of the most qualified speakers on this subject. She calls it the “Small Changes Make a Big Difference Approach.” This statement has a very deep meaning. She acknowledges the fact that the fight against cancer is never going to be easy. There would be times when giving up is the easiest option to take. However, the true test of the character of a cancer patient lies, in living on to fight the dreaded disease and conquer it. This should be the final objective to achieve. In order to do so, one has to break up the tasks into smaller achievable targets. This can help you achieve the larger objective very easily. She advocates such principles in her series of lectures on the subject. The best part of her coaching is that one can apply the techniques almost immediately. The results can also be instantly encouraging. However, this is not the end of the road. The individual has to practice her techniques on a continuous basis in order to achieve success. In the bargain, you overcome your stress levels as well thereby making you satisfied in...

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4 Tips on Dealing with Caregiver Burnout

By on Apr 23, 2017 in Blog |

If you are a caregiver, you’ll probably agree that it is one of those jobs that is very unforgiving in its demands. It sometimes requires your attention incessantly night and day. Unfortunately, this can lead to the emotional and physical breakdown known as burnout. Here are a few factors that contribute to caregiver burnout and a few tips on how to deal with it. Stay Informed If your loved one has a physical or mental condition, it is best that you learn as much about it as you can. Get first hand information from the doctor. There are also lots of resources online, some posted on government sponsored websites that provide reliable information about issues like dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, back pain etc. Set Limits You need to understand your limits in order to avoid a burnout. Sometimes guilt may prevent a caregiver from setting limits for herself because she feels it amounts to neglect. However, your mental and physical health will determine the level of quality care you can provide to the patient. Once you establish your limits, you need to communicate them to your doctor and family members. You are more likely to get help from friends and family if you take the initiative to communicate your limits. Find Your Work Life Balance Many caregivers juggle between taking care of their loved ones and going to work. If you do not make the effort to strike a healthy work life balance you’re going to be emotionally and physically drained. Consider talking to your employer about telecommuting or changing your work schedule. Consider Joining Support Groups There are various caregiver support groups that help caregivers deal with various challenges including dealing with burnout. These groups consist of peers who share their experiences on how they overcame these challenges. You can also get valuable information from these groups including where to get professional help amongst other...

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Have An Idea What Vitality Living Is All About? Probably Not

By on Mar 15, 2017 in Blog |

With the array of chronic illnesses that the modern society features, caregivers have been in great demand. These people tend to be overworked and overstressed, yet their energy and vigor is important to the patient under their care. A vitality doctor, such as Dr. Marilyn Joyce, mentors caregivers and the general public on practices to remain vigorous and alive. So, what’s vitality living all about? Vitality is a recognized medical practice Alternative medicine has become a popular treatment option globally after many scandals involving treatment using drugs discouraged many. Vitality practice has established its roots with even the traditionally recognized doctors vouching for its benefits. It also doesn’t involve some wary cultures of oriental alternative medicine practice. What makes your choice of vitality professional a practical one? A vitality specialist with recognized practice and established operations is definitely practical than an alternative. Furthermore, some other features unique to them may make them more ideal than those with just standard variables. For instance, Dr. Marilyn Joyce is not only a wellness expert but also a cancer survivor. Services and programs a vitality doctor may also give to their clients Motivational speaking to a medical practice staff Audio and video material for practical and adoptable solutions to related concerns Printed books and other forms on the same concerns. In house consultation in their premises or centers. The art of vitality living is a daily choice As much as the professional might make efforts to give a practical guide to achieve vitality benefits, the choice to practice it daily is paramount. Developing such a wholesome lifestyle should affect how and what we eat, what we choose for entertainment and other self focused parameters, as well as which habits we adopt or practices that define us. For a deeper understanding on vitality living get in touch with Dr. Marilyn...

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